Automate routine customer support to improve responsiveness and lower costs.


Customers appreciate businesses being respectful of their time.

NoCallSupport™ empowers your customers to make a support request directly to your systems. For a majority of requests that require no human intervention, the NoCallSupport method delivers the necessary data directly to business applications so requests can be completed asynchronously without tethering them to agents.

NoCallSupport uses Intrepids, a new technology that enables business and individual consumers to create encrypted, structured repositories of their data that are stored only on their devices. When they need it, they simply upload this data to businesses of their choice.

Support Intrepids enable businesses to deliver to their customers, structured data receipts of

  • Customers' transactions
  • Account data
  • Other data relevant to customer support

When requesting support, consumers upload Support Intrepids to NoCallSupport (external or hosted within existing support mechanisms) along with relevant request data. The Support Intrepids are decrypted and the support and request data sent to the merchant. Busienss applications can use the data to authenticate the consumer, confirm the request and act upon it without requiring an agent in the middle.

NoCallSupport enables loosely coupled but precise customer support. It eliminates customer-agent interaction and complex business website navigation for requesting routine requests. This reduces efforts and frustrations for consumers while eliminating signficant support costs by encapsulating business practices in automated workflows. NoCallSupport enables a true self help support mechanism and provides customer experiences that create long term loyalty.

Consumers use NoCallSupport to:

  • Make an address change
  • Change autopay for compromised or expired credit cards
  • Get warranty support
  • Report service outages
  • Get tech support relevant to purchased product/service
  • ... hundreds more ...

The applications can be as rich and varied as business applications allow.

Common Problems in Support Provisioning

Consumer Facing

  • Finding service data - missing receipts, product ids etc.
  • Wasting time on hold
  • Painful authentication mechanisms
  • Lack of data reuse
  • Allocating at least half an hour to a support request
  • Navigating complicated websites or loading hundreds of support apps

Facing businesses

  • Agent time and training costs for routine vs specialized requests
  • Unneeded authentication and communication overhead
  • Data entry error propagation
  • Routing requests to the right agent/office/application
  • Low support ratings reflected in customer satisfaction surveys

NoCallSupport Process:

  • On customer choosing, transaction data is forwarded to
  • NoCallSupport converts the data into an encrypted electronic reciept (aka Support Intrepid).
  • The Support Intrepid is emailed to customer.
  • Customers name and store these receipts on their device for easy access later.
  • When looking for support on this product, customers upload the specific Support Intrepid on NoCallSupport.
  • NoCallSupport decrypts it and forwards the data to the business application, along with support request instructions.
  • Business applications confirm identity and request, complete it, and confirm completion with customers.

You can choose NoCallSupport as an external support service provider, or NoCallSupport can be another channel within your existing omnichannel support processes. Either way you get to offer your customers a better way to get support from you.

Integrating NoCallSupport

NoCallSupport can be integrated within your business processes in one of 3 ways:

  • Using NoCallSupport as an external support service provider, utilize the customer support requests that flow through the standardized NoCallSupport site
  • License the NoCallSupport code and integrate it within existing Omnichannel support processes. Enables customization of Support options you wish to offer customers while retaining an existing framework.
  • Create custom support framework and UI utilizing the underlying Intrepid structures and APIs.

Each of the methods above are easily implemented using our integration documents. Customization aside, the basic development effort for integration takes a matter of days to a week, not including extensive unit and system tests engineering teams generally undertake. Our professional services team can help.


There is no cost to users and consumers for creating and using Intrepids.

Merchants and businesses underwrite the use of Support Intrepids to improve responsiveness and lower costs of providing customer support. Intrepids cost nothing to create but charges a small transaction fee per Intrepid use. Convenient pricing models are available to businesses.

  • Per Transaction - logs every Intrepid transaction to your site. We can charge a card or invoice for the monthly totals.
  • Pre-purchase - TBD
  • Fixed Monthly or Annual contracts - TBD

Provide support your customers appreciate

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